Smart Watches best of 2016

After smartphones, smart watches have become the latest trend in the high-tech fashion world. From the Apple watch to Casio WSD-510, many watch industries and smartphone companies alike are competing in the race to produce the best smart watches. 2016 has seen an overflow in the numerous variety of this high-tech gadget wear on the market and for all the newbies the sheer number of choices available can be a bit unsettling. We can’t let you struggle on your own now, can we? So, to solve this impending problem for all you watch lovers out there, we have set up this guide, breaking down the pros and cons of each individual smart watch to help you choose the latest smart watches for your fashion game.


The Apple Watch:

Apple Smartwatch

The major advantage we find, that makes this watch stand aloof is its ability to support wider functioning apps than any other smartwatch on the market. Combined with it’s beautifully detailed and intricate design and a number of styles to choose from, the best smart watches for iPhone clearly state their value aloud.

Core Specs:

Compatibility iOS
Display 38mm and 42mm
Fitness Features Accelerometer and Heart Rate monitor
Battery Life Normally 18 hours

Integrated with the state of the art iOS system, the apple watch is made to be compatible with the iPhone 5, 5c and also the 5s. It also works with iPhone 6, 6s and 6s Plus but up till now, is non-functioning with the iPad. The Apple watch features two screen sizes, the 38mm or the more expensive 42mm version. When talking about the fitness feature, the Apple watch does hold a standard fitness tracker with step tracking and heart rate with day to day achievements. However, their working capabilities are questionable when compared to other smart watches.

Putting all this integrated hardware talk to one side, evidently, for such a gadget to work, it is important for it to work for at least 12 hours continuously. However, the Apple watch falls short in this area. It has a maximum working capacity of 48 hours, but this is when you use the watch as a simple time telling machine. However, if you use the audio playback option, this time-limit drops to only 6.5 hours and can stoop to as low as 3 hours with call time. A pretty hard to swallow timing schedule for such a routinely needed gadget.
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Pebble Smartwatch:

Pebble Smartwatch

One of the cheapest smart watches on the market, this simple yet sophisticated, smart watch comes with one of the easiest setup mechanisms found in the industry. Incorporated with customizable watch faces and being one of the few watches which support both Android and iOS, this gadget has earned its place in the hall of fame of the best smart watches. 2016 has seen its popularity rise and we support it for all the right reasons.

Core Specs:

Compatibility Android, iOS
Display 1.26 inches
Fitness feature Accelerometer
Battery Size 7 days

The pebble watch features a screen size of 1.26 inches with a grayscale display. The model is compatible with both Android and iOS, with a slightly greater favor towards the iOS apps. The fitness features on the pebble watches weren’t big in this part, but Pebble has come back in the game with major upgrades to its fitness system to include the accelerometer. It still, however, lacks the heart rate system.

Coming on to the best feature of this watch, its heavy duty battery can last up to 7 days. This means, the watch can support standard functions without the bother of charging every night. A sleek feature, no doubt.
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Moto 360 Sport:

Moto 360 Smartwatch

This smart watch is your option of choice if you are big for a sporty feel. The moto 360 sport harbors a built-in GPS system, one of the few watches that do. In addition to this, the watch also supports heart rate sensors, that makes it one of the best smart watches for fitness athletes.

Core Specs:

Compatibilities Android, iOS
Display 1.37 inches
Fitness Feature Accelerometer, Heart Rate, and GPS
Battery Size 24 Hours.

The moto 360 sport, features Android and iOS compatibility with a screen size of 1.37 inches to boot. The watch is fitted with the latest fitness features including an accelerometer, a built-in GPS tracking system and a heart rate monitoring device. Needless to say, your workout sessions can get really interactive with this smart watch. However, the watch is a little lacking in battery power with a standard working time of only 24 hours. You might want to keep the charger close at hand for this.
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Samsung Gear S2:

Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch
The Samsung smart watch has put a lot of stress on its outlook. The highlight of this whole gadget is its unique bezel that adds another dimension to the watch. With its sharp display and on point design, this is one of the best smart watches to buy.

Core Specs:

Compatibilities Android
Screen Size 1.2 inches
Fitness Features Accelerometer, Heart Rate Monitor
Battery size 2-3 days

If you are looking for the best smart watches for Android, this is your one stop, as the Samsung Gear S2 exclusively supports Android function. It has a 1.2-inch display with an accelerometer and heart rate. However, it does have issues with its voice recognition ability and has an average app selection. The Samsung Gear S2 can last on your wrist for up to 2-3 days, a not too shabby battery life when compared with the other smart watches on the list.
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Huawei Smart Watch:

Huawei Smart Watch

It’s time that smart watches took a turn towards more stylish appearances. Many companies are now finally bending the smart watch rules to make them look more like the elegant watches we all wear. The Huawei watch implements this strategy and carries an attractive eye-catching design. Additionally, it also has a strong battery power which gives the watch an edge in the smart watch market.

Core Specs:

Compatibilities Android
Display 1.4 inches
Fitness Features Accelerometer, Heart Rate monitor
Battery Size 1.5 days

As far as operating system compatibility goes, the Huawei watch exclusively supports Android firmware, which some might consider a flaw. However, the watch more than makes up for it with its 1.4-inch display and a top-notch accelerometer combined with heart rate monitoring facility. The battery life of this watch is 1.5 days, a reasonable time length for a smart watch to last.
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All these smart watches mentioned so far are the leading brands of the industry. The smart watch market is rapidly growing and producing new and exciting features by the day. With the market bursting with choices and options are already. Out of all the varieties available, we have selected these few smart watches that top the chart for your exclusive benefit. So, what are you waiting for? Opt for the smartwatch of your taste and go out there to get yourself, your watch upgrade.

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