*Fix Slitherio Lag | Reduce Slither.io Lag

Lag in Slither.io? need less slitherio lag ? 2 days back I knew nothing about Slither.io but heard the term multiple times from my friend. He was always frustrated with the lag in slither.io. I became more obversvative and was surprise to see the number of people around me addicted to Slither.io and facing the issue of lag in same. I being software engineer thought of help him with the issue and developed the method to decrease lag in slither.io.

Fix Slitherio Lag

To develop the method to reduce lag of slither.io it was really important for me to take following step:

  • download slither.io from the main portal
  • install slither.io properly as per the guidance provided by the team of slither.io
  • play slither.io on my phone and other devices
  • tried playing again with better internet connection and high configuration device
  • trying ccleaner and other software to reduce the load on ram as this could help in reducing the lag of slither.io
  • read about experience shared by people in different forums about the lag issue they faced

What is Slither.Io?

Slither.io is one of the most popular game developed by the team of agar.io. A great success of later game motivated the team to develop the former mentioned one. Currently Slither.io is getting maximum number of online hits but sadly it lags log. Lag is while playing as well as at the time of loading. Yes Slither.io has loading issues also.

How to reduce slither.io lag on PC?

How to reduce slither.io lag on Mobile?

Step 1 : Go to home page of your mobile phone in which you are playing slither.io

Step 2 : Go to setting page. Setting of slither.io is not required at this time. You need to open the mobile setting page where you will take further step

Step 3 : Go storage option in setting menu and delete cache. This will reduce the load on the ram of your phone. A good and optimized ram will increase the device performance and reduce the lag of slither.io

Reduce lag in Slither.io infograph

Did it work? Yes we are hopeful for this method of reducing the lag as it worked for a good number of visitors. In case this didn’t work for you we recommend you to delete extra applications from your device. Some application may be off but they do run activities in background.

How to reduce lag in slither.io in PC?

For reducing lag in slither.io while playing in PC we recommend you to delete the temporary junk file and the best way to do that is to use Ccleaner. This software is free to use and is quite reliable. Paid version is also available but we recommend you to go for the free one as it has lesser issues.

Other steps to reduce slither leg:

  1. Check which software you are using for running the game on pc. We recommend bluestack
  2. Disconnect internet after downloading bluestack and then reconnect
  3. Clean the temp file with ccleaner
  4. Now you are good to go, try playing now

We bet this technique will surely work to reduce the slither lag. We have tested same over 50 computers.

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