Whatsapp V/S Hike – Which one is a better Messenger?

Sometime back we were used to text messages and regular calls only. But with the revolution that free online messengers have brought about, everyone is using these free messengers for sending text messages as well as for making voice calls. Earlier Whatsapp was the unchallenged winner in this market but with the upcoming  latest free messengers like Hike, Viber, LINE etc, some of the users are now shifting to these new messengers for a bundle of reasons. The Hike messenger with its Desi language, familiar emoticons and smiley’s has grasped quite a number of people in India. Undoubtedly people are becoming huge fans of the unfamiliar way of communicating in the Desi way. The Desi feel that Hike has is overpowering the limited emoticons and smileys that Whatsapp offers.

But no matter what, people are still loyal to Whatsapp because of the ground that Whatsapp holds in the World today. Sitting anywhere in the World, all you have to do is to feed in the contact number and start texting your friends. So coming to the first major advantage that Whatsapp has, it is that you can find anyone and everyone on Whatsapp but the same isn’t applicable to Hike. This is because not everyone has Hike installed on their Smart Phones, it is still an upcoming messenger. But it is definitely going strong with its unique desi touch.

Hike vs Whatsapp

Hike V/S Whatsapp #1

There are some advantages that Hike possesses in comparison to Whatsapp. One of the major benefits that Hike gives to its users is that it allows a maximum of 100MB size per file whereas Whatsapp only allows 16MB per file. On Whatsapp you can easily send images as well as audio files as they rarely cross the limitation of 16MB. But in case of video files it is possible to exceed the limit of 16MB, and then there is a problem in sending such video files. But on Hike whether it is audio, video or an image file all can be sent easily owing to the high limit that Hike provides. One more thing that many of you might not know about Whatsapp is that it has the option of compressing and trimming the videos, this degrades the original quality. The quality of the transferred images also gets altered.

Hike V/S Whatsapp #2

Another excellent feature that Hike provides is that it supports document formats like .pdf, .ppt and .docx etc. Users on Hike can easily send such files having a limit of 100MB. This feature is not offered by Whatsapp moreover many email clients have a limit of just 25MB whereas Hike directly gives you a 100MB limit. Another new feature that attracts attention on Hike is the use of customized chat themes. On Hike you can freely use customized chat themes for each conversation visible to both the end users whereas Whatsapp just allows changing the background wallpaper.

Hike V/S Whatsapp #3

As I mentioned earlier Hike provides a variety of never-seen-before stickers. These emoticons, smileys and stickers add that extra spice and feel to your conversations. The emoticons being offered by Whatsapp have remained unchanged for quite a few years now. This is one of the major reasons that today users are getting attracted to Hike Messenger. These native language stickers and dialogues bring alive the day to day conversations that people have. Crazy dialogues like “Tumse Na Ho Payega”,  “Aiyo”, “Tu Mear Bhai Hai”, “Sahi Hai” are wrapped up in fun looking stickers. I’m sure all of you are used to speaking these phrases and what’s better! Now you can send stickers of such dialogues on Hike.

Hike V/S Whatsapp #4

I’m a big fan of Whatsapp but recently I installed Hike in order to find out what extra features Hike offers. I must mention one amazing feature that Hike gives to its users, that is sending free messages to Non-Hike Users. You can send a specified number of free messages anywhere in India even to non-hike users.  Hike also comes with lifetime validity; it does not charge anything for providing its services ever. Whereas Whatsapp is free for the first year of its service there onward you need to pay a price yearly for using its services.

Hike V/S Whatsapp #5

Most of you who have used Whatsapp earlier, know that Whatsapp directly fetches all the contacts from your phonebook, matches these contacts with the Whatsapp users and directly adds them to your Whatsapp contact list. But Hike offers better privacy to its users. For becoming friends on Hike you need to send and accept requests. Talking about security, all the Whatsapp messages get saved on the SD card of the device and one might extract conversations from these encrypted chat logs. But in case of Hike you have an option of 128 bit SSL. This option is available inside settings -> privacy. This option makes sure that the chats are safe even on a public Wi-Fi.

Hike V/S Whatsapp #6

Other than all these features Hike also brings to you daily news updates, cricket updates, jokes and coupons. Yes you heard it right, you can always stay updated about the happenings around the world, get free jokes and also bag on coupons related to some of the best brands like Amazon, Shoppers Stop, Zomato & Myntra to name a few. After this complete discussion on Whatsapp V/S Hike we can say that Whatsapp is undoubtedly leading because of the popularity it holds at a global level. Whereas Hike an upcoming Indian messenger is also gaining its popularity in India with the numerous new features that it offers. Whether it is about the customized chat themes, desi stickers and emoticons, 100MB file limit, free sms or better security, Hike proves to be an all-rounder in every sense. I feel that all the users who are already on Whatsapp must try the amazing new features of Hike as well. There is no harm in using the different techniologies that the World is offering today. My job is to keep you updated about the latest tech-news and tech-gigs around the world. So till the next update keep reading TechChits for all the latest updates! Ciao!