Best Smart Phones with Keyboard! Keypad with latest Smart Phones

Hi guys. Someone just told me to make a post on smartphones with keyboard so today I am going to show you 5 best smartphones with keyboard. These are the best smartphones with keyboard available in the market and you can select any one of these smartphones with keyboard and make a purchase. So now let’s see some of the best smartphones with keyboard.

1. BlackBerry Bold 4 9900 Qwerty Keypad Single sim 8 GB Internal Smartphones with keyboard

BlackBerry Bold 4 9900 Qwerty Keypad

Like many of Blackberrys this set has QWERTY keyboard making to our list of Smartphones with keyboard. This keypad seems to have become a feature with all Black Berry phones. 1280 mAh battery is sufficient for this set and keeps it running for days without any charge needed making it best Smartphones with keyboard. 768 mb RAM is also good for backup to processes ordered by you. Four types of network give support with GSM/CDMA/HSPA and EVDO and there set is advanced when a user wants to go for any network. The key board has the power of predictive text that is very helpful in saving time while typing any message. BlackBerry Bold 4 9900 Qwerty Keypad Single sim 8 GB Internal Mobile phone has many features those are put together to make the great functioning possible at low cost making it one of the cheapest Smartphones with keyboard. The set has long talk time with single charging as battery is powerful with energy. The screen size is 2.8 inches but the technique is very good to give smart display that is visible in fast light too. The internal memory is 8 GB that cannot be expanded generally Smartphones with keyboard don’t have expanded memory slot. Micro slot can extend the memory to 32 GB. BlackBerry Bold 4 9900 Qwerty Keypad Single sim 8 GB Internal Mobile phone is truly low cost wonder by the company. All these amazing features makes it one of the best Smartphones with keyboard.

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2. VERIZON Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere 2 Android Smartphones with keyboard

VERIZON Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere 2

Samsung Verizon Phone come has many plus points making it 2nd in our list of Smartphones with keyboard like five row key pad but opening the key ad is slippery with a slick coating. The display has subtle blue tinge that makes it odd looking Smartphones with keyboard. 5 MP camera has power and one can take snaps of his choice. The system works on 4G network with ease and speed. Critics have given only 6.5 stars to the set for all its features. Samsung Verizon Phone has combined all the most necessary features that one makes use and shed off the extra price the extra features are also kept out while making the set one of the best Smartphones with keyboard. The Smartphones with keyboard is very cool at the price it is offered. The outer body is designed in perfection and one feels good with the set having its possession. The set is very light and its body has good curves and contours to make it fit in hands comfortably without chances of slipping and falling. Samsung Verizon Smartphones with keyboard comes in black color only. The phone works on Android 4.0 Ice Cream version. The 5 MP camera is very good for taking casual snaps. The chrome strip around the body gives it meticulous look. The thick construction makes it on the heavier side of weight.

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3. Dell Venue Pro 8GB Unlocked GSM Windows 7.5 Slider Smartphones with keyboard

Dell Venue Pro 8GB Unlocked GSM Windows

See this wonderfully working slider Smartphones with keyboard having smart key board coming from under to give it unique looks. This Smartphones with keyboard is powered with Windows new version. Dell Venue Pro 8GB Unlocked GSM Windows Slider Smartphones with keyboard has 192 grams weight with all its unique blend of features. The phone works on GSM and HSPA platforms. This Smartphones with keyboard has connectivity by Bluetooth version 2.0. Outer devices can be connected to this Smartphones with keyboard by USB port that gives it flexibility. The radio has stereophonic sound and that can be listened by attaching audio jack too. The 1400 mAh battery has the standby time of 400 hours but in use one can enjoy 7 hours of making and receiving calls on this Smartphones with keyboard. The price has been granted seven stars as it is the right price with the features packed in this Smartphones with keyboard. Black is the only color for this Smartphones with keyboard. The most common features like sensors of speed and proximity are also included by the makers. Dedicated MIC allows canceling the outer noise and listening to calls peacefully. Document editor gives freedom to make necessary changes in any document. Compass allows checking direction while moving in some remote areas. Dell Venue Pro 8GB Unlocked GSM Windows Slider Smartphones with keyboard is really made smart by the company.

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4. Motorola Photon Q XT897 Sprint CDMA 4G LTE Android Smartphones with keyboard

Motorola Photon Q XT897 Sprint

This Smartphones with keyboard has dual key pad in touch screen and solid pad and the QWERTY system always reminds one of having Motorola in black color that is authentic. The 170 gms. solid weight is good to handle with its rough grip Smartphones with keyboard. The 4.3 inches display of this Smartphones with keyboard is clear enough to be read clearly under any light conditions. 8GB internal storage can be extended by addition of a micro card. 1785 Li-ion battery has wonderful power to make the set long lasting in one charging. 16 M colors make the screen look brightest among other Smartphones with keyboard. The multi touch has the other power to use as you like it. Wonderful protection is provided by the scratch resistant glass cover to this Smartphones with keyboard. HTML browser works for searching contents on web giving smooth experience while navigating through internet. Photos can be edited with editor and quality music provides facility to listen to music of one likes. Motorola Photon 4G is really very good Smartphones with keyboard at its price that makes is easily approachable set with all its features. See the things happening when you have this Motorola Photon 4G with you. It is one of wonder products of a truly international company that has already brought many phones for you. All these features makes it one of the best Smartphones with keyboard.

5. BlackBerry Passport Factory Unlocked Cellphone, 32GB, Black Smartphones with keyboard

BlackBerry Passport Factory Unlocked Cellphone

This 196 grams Smartphones with keyboard is yet another beauty from Blackberry. The set has 9.3 mm thickness. This Smartphones with keyboard has dual keypad with multi touch in solid pad or touch screen way. Blackberry Passport works on Blackberry OS 10.3 version giving it power on internet. The 13 MP on back of this Smartphones with keyboard camera is also very good tool for photography in any type of light conditions. Snapdragon 801 is to provide relief on Android working. This Smartphones with keyboard is powered by 3 GB RAM giving it ultimate power while working on internet. Nano SIM fits easily its place. The dimensions of this Smartphones with keyboard are 128 X90.3 X9.3 mm making it 196 gram set. The outer finish is great in pure black that gives official look. Blackberry Passport Smartphones with keyboard has very good Wi-Fi connectivity and FM radio runs with RDS technology providing access to all radio stations. This Smartphones with keyboard is also available in RED, BLACK, White and Silver colors. The speakers give output of 76 DB power with utmost clarity by reducing noise. This Smartphones with keyboard has received very good response from the earlier users of the same company mobiles. Passport has become the choice of many people at this time. This Smartphones with keyboard has very good timing for charging as it has quick charging system. The variety of colors makes it a good choice making it one of the best Smartphones with keyboard.

I hope you had a great time going through all of these amazing Smartphones with keyboard. If you have any query you can contact us by clicking here. Bookmark and keep visiting us for more tech related updates.