How to change ringtones on iPhone 6s without iTunes?

How to change ringtones on iPhone 6s without iTunes?

Who doesn’t love iPhones! Everyone around the world wants to buy this dream phone isn’t it? Well if you already have an iPhone 6s then we have a lot of information that will help you explore the amazing features of your cool iPhone in a much better way. There are many different ways to customize your iPhone. Today we will tell you how to change the ringtones on your iPhone 6s without using iTunes!

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Everyone likes to have a ringtone of their favorite music on their iPhones. One of the most common ways is using the iTunes app on your iPhone 6s for purchasing the ringtones. But today we will be telling you about many other apps that allow you to make ringtones from your existing music and also to download the ringtones online. First and foremost do a quick search of the App Store on your iPhone 6s, this will display various ringtone apps that you can use for your iPhone. For making this process clearer to you, we have given a To-Do list below:

  • Firstly launch the App Store on your iPhone 6s.
  • Next, enter the search term “Ringtones” in the search field. This will display a list of popular ringtone apps.
  • The next step is to click on “Buy” next to the ringtone app that you want to install on your iPhone 6s. When prompted enter your Apple ID.

Now we will talk about some popular ringtone apps for iPhone 6s:

Ringtones Maker App: This superb app allows you to crop the existing M4A and Mp3 files on your iPhone 6s and convert them into ringtones for your alerts, tweets, emails, reminders and texts. You can also set ringtones for your favorite contacts using this app. All you have to do is to select a song and adjust the length of your ringtone. You can also indicate where in the song you want the ringtone to begin and also set the fading options. Last thing is to click the button with the disc icon in order to save your ringtone on your iPhone 6s. The best thing about this amazing ringtone app is that it is available for free in the iPhone App Store.

Ringtones #1 App: The next fabulous ringtone app for iPhone 6s is the Ringtones #1 App. This App allows you to record unlimited number of ringtones for your iPhone. You can cut the music already present on your iPhone into ringtones. One more exciting feature of this app is that you can record the voice of your friends and various other sounds and set them as your ringtone. This fantastic app also gives you an option to choose ringtones from an existing library. Ringtones #1 App is available for free in the iPhone App Store. You can save & backup your ringtones onto the iTunes or iCloud.

How to change ringtone on iPhone 6s without iTunes?

1,001 Ringtones App: If you are looking for an app that allows you to customize your contact and alert ringtones then 1,001 Ringtones App is definitely one of the best apps. This fantastic app allows you to choose from over 1000 sounds & ringtones. Moreover all the ringtones and songs are listed in an alphabetical order. You can listen to a preview and the select the ringtone of your choice. This application then emails the selected ringtone to you. You can install the Lite version of this app from the iPhone App Store for free. This version offers you 250 amazing ringtones options.

After giving you a brief idea about the various iPhone ringtone apps that are popular nowadays, next we will give you a detailed insight of the iPhone Ringtone Maker App:

As told before this app is really one of the most popular ones among iPhone users. Let us go through a step by step list for using this amazing iPhone Ringtone App.

You can add you local music file to this app and then customize the ringtone as per your liking. Once you have finished customizing the file, it will be converted into iPhone supported ringtone format, that is, M4R.

Next you have to simply check the option: Transfer to device after conversion and then choose your iPhone from the drop down button. This will successfully transfer the ringtone to your iPhone 6s automatically. This amazing iPhone Ringtone App is a must try!

How to change ringtone on iPhone 6s without iTunes?

We hope that this article helped you in knowing a lot more about the various ringtone apps for iPhone 6s. We all like to customize our phone as per our preferences. iPhone 6s has an ocean of features that are yet to be explored. Do try the ringtone apps suggested in this article for customizing the sound alerts of your phone. We will keep posting more informative articles about the latest technologies, apps and gadgets being used across the world. If you have any queries related to this article then do post them to us. Feel free to leave your comments and feedback.

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