30000 mAh or more than 30000 mAh Power Bank

Catch up with 30 thousand mAh and more powerbanks! These days a smart phone comes under essential for any human being. They are so helpful and needed in our daily life activities. But with great benefits comes some poor disadvantages too. These smart phones are battery hungry and consumes a lot of battery even if your phone’s battery is 3000+ mAh. For those who are engaged in heavy gaming or those who use their smart phones a lot, for them battery doesn’t even last for half a day. For this issue many companies started launching power banks as a portable external power source to supplement the internal battery of the smart phone. The price depends on how much mAh power bank you are purchasing. There are powerbanks with 2000 mAh to 50,000 mAh available in the market. Let’s see some power banks with 30000 mAh and more than 30000 mAh. 

1. Bienna 30000 mAh Solar Panel Chargers, External Battery Pack Power Bank

Bienna 30000mah

It is high time to get the new arrival in the market and that is Bienna 30000 mAh Solar Panel Chargers, External Battery Pack Power Bank. It is water proof, shock resistant and runs with Solar power. So it is time for you celebrate the joy of saving power may be little. The capacity is more than 30000 mAh that keeps the device ticking for long time with its power. The solar panel charges the Lithium battery that has long life for many recharge cycles. So this charger needs not be attached to any electric point and under the sun it keeps going on charging. The smart charger is fitted with dual USB ports those will charge the two devices simultaneously. The light of charger is fitted with LED bulbs so it does the purpose of flashlight in dark conditions. The overall size is as small as an iPhone. The metallic body provides easy grip that one enjoys to hold without any tiredness. The people who have to move as climbers or hikers find it very useful and handy as it can be safely carried in the backpacks too. All the features are very necessary and needed when one is moving in conditions where charging power is a must. Even if you are serving in Army you can have it on your camping expeditions. The two charging points have multi point adapters those make you charging easier with the adaptability. Bienna  30000 mAh Solar Panel Chargers, External Battery Pack Power Bank has the remarkable adaptability for the user with its fairly good power to charge.

2. TPower MP-32000 Power Bank – Ultra High Capacity External Battery Pack with 32000mAh – DC and USB Charger for Laptops, Notebooks, Netbooks, Tablets and Smart Phones – 2 USB with 2.1/1A and DC-Output 9V/12V/16V/19V/20V Max. 3A or 60W

TPower MP-32000 Power Bank

Normal price is ranging at dollars 149 but the introductory is low at 119 dollars. Twenty per cent is off that gives a boost to you with saving money. mAh 30000 power is the real source that backs up the battery. One lap top and two USB ports make you comfortable to pick up with the needs you have. A large of mobiles, lap tops and cell phones can be charged with this appliance. The inside Lithium battery has sufficient strength to give power for long time and so it goes on working for 600 recharges with one battery. The three output methods make it still more comfortable as one charge the things of his choice. Protection is provided from any over charge and wrong current that may happen any time during the charging. All the connected devices are as good as the many power banks are having but the addition of the 70 cm charging connector wire is having the additional benefit. The wide variety of point of different powers as- 9, 12, 16,18 and 20 volts are very good for any use. Just ask the dealer of your choice who has this product and you will know about the qualities of XTPower® MP-30000 Power Bank – High Capacity External Battery with 31200mAh – DC. Even the MP 3 players with many charging points can have power from this wonderful power bank. Two types of protection from being overcharged and yet over charging the products connected to it makes it really useful.

3. MAXOAK 36000mAh 133Wh Power Bank

MAXOAK 36000mAh 133Wh Power Bank

This time you power bank is powered with 36000 mAh power that will keep you smiling for years to come as you get the trouble-free service from this bank.  Phone like Samsung S 16 can be charged more than ten times and that is the proof of its wonderful power.  iPad can be charged 4 to 5 times. Charging is versatile with four ports that can give power to many things at the same time of different power and voltage. MAC book pro can also be connected to it for charging. MAXOAK 36000mAh 133Wh Power Bank for Apple Laptop MacBook Pro has the wonderful power and safety as it has real auto cut system so as not to damage any device attached to it for charging. The power of battery can be seen from the number of 1000 recharges with one single battery.  For years to come, one can live worry free from buying another battery. The charging time is wonderfully low at 8 hours to keep it live for long time. The R& D of the company has the research going on for years now so it can ensure you of the best quality that is [possible after long work of research. The simultaneous recharges of many devices save much time. Best quality material is used in making the bank that is having the best technology also. Two years guarantee is very good for the customers who can expect four years of working from the device. We have provided the best available knowledge on the product.

4. Qi-Infinity™ Powergrid 34200mAh External Battery Pack/High Capacity Power Bank charger for Laptops

Qi-Infinity™ Powergrid 34200mAh

This power bank is a monster having a massive capacity of 34200 mAh. It provides 1 DC output which is suitable for laptops and the newly launched surface pro and also supports 2 USB ports for 5V USB charged devices. It is a loaded grand truck as it charges a laptop fully more than once and more than 15 times a smart phone and around 30 times an Apple iPod. It has a advanced lithium polymer super cells with more than 500 recharge cycle. Solidly built, minimalist design, stylish and slim aluminum-body ensures good heat dissipation. The smart LCD display provides battery capacity and regulate voltage settings. It will automatically shutdown when there is an overload to protect your device

I hope you had a good time going through all these amazing 30000 mAh or more than 30000 mAh Power Bank. If you face any difficulty in selecting the best suitable power bank for yourself or if you want some amazing deals on these power banks you can contact us by clicking here. Keep following techchits.com for more tech updates. SHARE our article on social media among your friends.

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