Best Power bank Round Up of 2016

Thank you stopping in to review our line-up of the best power banks. We will cover a variety of power banks in this article but before we do we want to share some important information that you should be aware of when shopping for the best power bank.
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Power Bank Capacity

Power banks have several key statistics that you will want to look for while shopping around. The first item to look for is the capacity of the unit. capacity of power banks are measured in mAh (milliampere hour). The higher the mAh the more energy the device can store. As a general example an iphone 6 battery is 1810 mAh which means if you bought a 10000 mAh capacity power bank you would be able to charge your phone roughly 5 times. There is however some energy that is lost in the transferring of power from the power bank to your smart phone. The Projection is that you will loose 10-20 percent.


Power Bank Inputs and Outputs

The next two specifications you should look out for are the input and output amps. Amps rate the flow of electricity. To continue to use the iphone 6 as an example, a 1.0 amp(output) charger is shipped with the phone by default. however the iphone is capable of using a 2.0 amp(output) charger which will charge the phone in half the amount of time. The same goes for the input of a power bank, you should look for one with 2 amp + input so that the battery pack charges fast. The best power banks will have both a 2+ amp input and 2 +amp output. If you are looking to charge a laptop than you will need to ensure the power bank supports 4+ amps and multi voltage selection. in other words if you want to charge a laptop make sure you are buying a compatible power bank.


Power Bank Batteries

There are 2 types of batteries being used most powerbank manufacturers.These battery options are lithium ion, lithium Polyme. The Lithium Polymer(LiPo, LIP, Li-poly) are the ones you will find in most of the newer units as they are lighter in weight and have a thinner profile. Lipo cost more to make as they are newer technology.


Power Bank 20000mAh

Solove Titan Ultra Slim 20000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger Power Bank

Solove Titan Ultra Slim 20000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger Power Bank


Just spend Rs.8375 and be without any worry as we come to you with the latest invention that will keep you always ahead of others. The best quality material is used in making the charger from inside with polymer battery having a capacity of more than 20000 mAh. The size and weight are so minor that you never have to bother for its carrying anywhere. The backup you get is powered by 20000 mAh and at times a more than 20000 mAh that is sure to give the unstoppable power for years to come. It has five times more strength than the iphone5. The S7 can be charged seven times with the single rhythm because of its huge capacity of 20000 mAh and more than 20000 mAh. Dual USB ports make you still more convenient to attach the devices of your choice. Charge your console games, mobiles and pc’s with it as it stays with you tirelessly because of its capacity of 20000 mAh and more than 20000 mAh. Over charging and fluctuations are also checked with the built-in mechanism. One will have the best experience with this new gadget that is going to change your life style keeping you free from extra charging tensions and also its huge capacity of 20000 mAh and more than 20000 mAh. Cable and carrying-pouch are also included with the main appliance. The outer cover is beautiful and attractive to be proud to carry the thing you are going to buy.

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30000 mAh Powerbank

MAXOAK 36000mAh 133Wh Power Bank

MAXOAK 36000mAh 133Wh Power Bank



This time you power bank is powered with 36000 mAh power that will keep you smiling for years to come as you get the trouble-free service from this bank.  Phone like Samsung S 16 can be charged more than ten times and that is the proof of its wonderful power.  iPad can be charged 4 to 5 times. Charging is versatile with four ports that can give power to many things at the same time of different power and voltage. MAC book pro can also be connected to it for charging. MAXOAK 36000mAh 133Wh Power Bank for Apple Laptop MacBook Pro has the wonderful power and safety as it has real auto cut system so as not to damage any device attached to it for charging. The power of battery can be seen from the number of 1000 recharges with one single battery.  For years to come, one can live worry free from buying another battery. The charging time is wonderfully low at 8 hours to keep it live for long time. The R& D of the company has the research going on for years now so it can ensure you of the best quality that is [possible after long work of research. The simultaneous recharges of many devices save much time. Best quality material is used in making the bank that is having the best technology also. Two years guarantee is very good for the customers who can expect four years of working from the device. We have provided the best available knowledge on the product.

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40000 mAh Powerbank

Lizone® Extra Pro 40000mAh Laptop Portable External Battery Power Bank

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The Lizone extra pro is truly a pro level device. This powerbank can charge a lenovo 14 inch laptop 2 times and an Iphone roughly 15 times. You surely wont run out of power with a powerhouse like this.Constructed with Grade A Samsung cells and ships ensure this unit will operate at optimal levels and if for any reason it does not the unit is backed by an 18 month warranty. This unit can charge laptops at up to 4.5 amps as well as usb devices at 2.1 amps. if your looking for a laptop powerbank this unit should be on the top of your list.

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50000 mah Powerbank

 MAXOAK 50000mAh 185wh 6 Port(5/12/20v) Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank 

MAXOAK 50000mAh


Get this portable power packed charger that will meet all your needs of supplying power to gadgets that you want to use for hours to come.  Most of the Sony products will have direct attachment with this power bank. The price for MAXOAK 50000 mAh 185wh 6 Port (5/12/20v) Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank is set at dollars 135 only. And the price is good for such useful charger that keeps you going for hours of unstopping performance. The size is ultra small with 50,000 mAh power and wonderful looks. The six out ports allow you to connect many appliances for charging at the same time.Your iPhone plus can be charged 11 times at a stretch without giving any power source to the charger. The power bank gets charged very swiftly thus saving your valuable time. Multi USB ports allow the saving time by having six charging ports that are very good to use. Galaxy 6 can be charges almost six times. The DC in puts it takes is 12v and 2.5 amps. The MAXOAK 50000mAh 185wh 6 Port (5/12/20v) Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank can be charged completely within six hours. The ratio between size and power is wonderful and so many critics have called it the most invention of present time for the users. Lithium powered battery gives it long life and stable power output all the time during its life time. We have made personal use of the products so we are sure of all the features given and its quality making it one of the best power banks of capacity of more than 50000 mAh.
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Solar powerbank

Nekteck 12000mAh Rain-resistant Dirt/Shockproof Dual USB Port Solar Charger Power Bank.

Nekteck 12000mAh Rain-resistant


Nekteck is a unique designed solar charger power bank. It has special qualities of being rain resistant and shock proof as well making it one of the best solar charger power bank. The shock proof feature ensures that if it falls from your sudden hands it will not be damaged as the body and inside mechanism is made very strong to tolerate the shocks of bad nature. The outer body is made in football grin design on the solar charger power bank panel. The design has very good grip for safe handling as it has solar charger power bank panels outside and stopping falling suddenly from your hands. New solar charger power bank charging technology is used on these solar charger power banks to make it efficient in long running for hours. The inside lithium battery is powered by 120000 mAh battery which is solar charged. The solar charger power bank panel is made from monocrystalline that is very efficient in gaining power from sun solar charger. The 2.1 output has very good power to give regularly same powered charging. The flashlight and the 1000 recharges are also guaranteed for long life. The solar charger power bank battery used is also free from any chances of explosion under any circumstances. Buy this solar charger power bank that is the safest, economical, environment-friendly and trouble free. Its design, size and features according to best standards in the world. The looks are great for its beauty of working under all kind of conditions makes it one of the best solar charger power bank.

Pоwеrbаnk FAQ’ѕ

Can I сhаrgе my lарtор wіth a Pоwеr Bаnk?

Mаjоrіtу оf the lарtорѕ аvаіlаblе tоdау саnnоt bе charged wіth роwеr bаnkѕ. Only ѕоmе lаtеѕt lарtор wіth tуре C connector can bе сhаrgеd vіа USB wіth роwеr bаnkѕ.

Whаt is thе lіfеѕраn оf thе Pоwеr Bаnk?

If уоu рrореrlу mаіntаіn уоur роwеr bаnk, іt саn rеtаіn uр tо 80-90% оf іtѕ оrіgіnаl capacity at 400-500 сhаrgе аnd dіѕсhаrgе сусlе (сhаrgе thеn dіѕсhаrgе = 1 сусlе, rеgаrdlеѕѕ оf whеthеr уоu сhаrgе/ dіѕсhаrgе іt раrtіаllу оr fullу). Untіl уоur роwеr bаnk nо lоngеr hоldѕ ѕuffісіеnt charge tо meet уоur nееdѕ, уоu mау сhооѕе tо рurсhаѕе a nеw оnе.

Can I сhаrgе more thаn оnе dеvісе at a time?

Yes! You саn сhаrgе twо dеvісеѕ аt оnсе either thrоugh the 3 іn 1 cable OR by рluggіng іn two оf your оwn cables. Thе роwеr Bank wіll аutоmаtісаllу dіvіdе thе сhаrgіng bеtwееn the twо dеvісеѕ.

I nоtісеd thаt thе роwеr bank іѕ gеttіng wаrm. Iѕ this OK?

Yеѕ! When charging уоur Pоwеr Bank frоm your USB wаll аdарtоr OR whеn сhаrgіng a dеvісе fоr mоrе thаn 30 mіnutеѕ аt a time, thе Pоwеr Bank will gеt wаrm.

Thе Mісrо USB саblе dоеѕ nоt go аll thе wау іntо thе Pоwеr Bаnk whеn сhаrgіng?

This іѕ bу design. Aftеr tеѕtіng аnd using thе Pоwеr Bank fоr a long tіmе, wе thоught it wаѕ bеttеr tо hаvе thе Micro USB саblе gо оnlу hаlf оf the way іntо thе Pоwеr Bank whіlе сhаrgіng. Thіѕ wау, іt was easier to pull the сhаrgіng саblе оut аnd not dаmаgе thе cable оr the Pоwеr Bаnk соnnесtоr.

Aftеr my роwеr bаnk іѕ сhаrgеd іt іѕ hаrd tо get the Micro USB оut?

The mісrо USB port оn thе dеvісе іѕ designed tо be vеrу snug ѕо the саblе wіll not fall оut аnd the сhаrgіng соnnесtоrѕ mаkе gооd contact. It іѕ bеttеr tо wіgglе іt gеntlу ѕіdе tо side while pulling verses juѕt рullіng іt оut straight wіth fоrсе. If уоu trу to pull іt оut ѕtrаіght оut wіth fоrсе with full force уоu may dаmаgе the саblе оr break thе саblе оff. Hоwеvеr, еvеn іf thе саblе gets dаmаgеd bу рullіng, thе роwеr bаnk remains unharmed.

Whаt adapter оnе muѕt bе uѕіng tо сhаrgе uр?

In gеnеrаl, some adaptor соmеѕ uр with thе роwеr bаnk at lеаѕt іf thеrе іѕ nо adaptor along with thе portable chargers, thеn there would be some ѕресіfіс іnѕtruсtіоn іn thе manual that what kind оf аdарtоrѕ with what detailed specifications must bе used to сhаrgе uр thе роwеr bank. Agаіn if you fail tо get that, trу tо ѕеаrсh for online роwеr bank rеvіеwѕ for thе раrtісulаr brаnd аnd mоdеl number аbоut thе portable сhаrgеr. If nоthіng wоrkѕ thеn go fоr thе normal USB аdарtоrѕ that соmеѕ with the ѕmаrt рhоnе or tаblеt оf уоurѕ.

I hope you enjoyed our roundup of the best power banks. please check out some of our other articles and leave comments below.

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