Best Powerbanks with Solar Charging Capabilities

These days everyone requires a smart phone for his/her daily needs. They are so helpful and needed in our day to day activities. It makes our tasks simple and efficient. But with all these amazing benefits comes some disadvantages too. People who do heavy gaming or those who use their smart phones a lot for their work, for them battery doesn’t even last for half a day. Because of this many companies came with power banks which can even be charged with solar energy which they named solar charger power bank. The price of a solar charger power bank depends on how much mAh power bank you are purchasing. Let’s see some of the solar charger power banks available in market.

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1. Nekteck 12000mAh Rain-resistant Dirt/Shockproof Dual USB Port Solar Charger Power Bank.

Nekteck 12000mAh Rain-resistant

Nekteck is a unique designed solar charger power bank. It has special qualities of being rain resistant and shock proof as well making it one of the best solar charger power bank. The shock proof feature ensures that if it falls from your sudden hands it will not be damaged as the body and inside mechanism is made very strong to tolerate the shocks of bad nature. The outer body is made in football grin design on the solar charger power bank panel. The design has very good grip for safe handling as it has solar charger power bank panels outside and stopping falling suddenly from your hands. New solar charger power bank charging technology is used on these solar charger power banks to make it efficient in long running for hours. The inside lithium battery is powered by 120000 mAh battery which is solar charged. The solar charger power bank panel is made from monocrystalline that is very efficient in gaining power from sun solar charger. The 2.1 output has very good power to give regularly same powered charging. The flashlight and the 1000 recharges are also guaranteed for long life. The solar charger power bank battery used is also free from any chances of explosion under any circumstances. Buy this solar charger power bank that is the safest, economical, environment-friendly and trouble free. Its design, size and features according to best standards in the world. The looks are great for its beauty of working under all kind of conditions makes it one of the best solar charger power bank.

2. X-DRAGON 10000mAh Solar Charger Power Bank for iPhone 6 Plus, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, iPod, Samsung Galaxy S6, S6, Edge S5, S4, S3 and More (Orange)

X-DRAGON 10000mAh Solar Power

This solar charger power bank has the backing of 10,000 mAh and runs for many charges in one running time. The company has told that there are some precautions like one should avoid keeping under sun for long time as it may affect the solar chaged battery life of solar charger power bank. The system has the intelligent charging identification that helps the apparatus identify the source of charging whether it is right or wrong one. Then the adjustment is made automatically by the device. LED indicator is embedded in the side that indicates the power status. Two output ports make the charging of your laptops and mobiles easier in process. One can enjoy charging on functions like parties, picnics and travelling without any fuss. There is no chance of solar charger battery overcharging of this solar charger power bank as it is protected with auto cut system in case you forget to switch off the charging on time. Its design is sleek and light weight so it can be carried anywhere you like for your charging convenience. Solar Charger, X-DRAGON Solar  charger power bank 10000 mAh is really another name of ease and comfort as you need not bother for many things that otherwise irritate you. It is a  dependable charger, it is suggested you should choose this classy piece made with care by the company. It is quite cheaper than rest of the solar chager power bank making it one of the best solar charger power bank in our list.

3. GRDE 10000mAh Dual USB Shockproof Outdoor Solar Charger Power Bank for iPhone 6 Plus, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, iPod, iPad, HTC

GRDE 10000mAh solar power bank

Enjoy hours long charging with the new solar charger power bank rugged pack of this giant bank. At times when you have no source of charging it is better choice as it will be powered by sun itself because of its solar charger technology on solar charger power bank. iPhones, Galaxy S6, Note 4 and cameras can be charged with this solar charger , Solar charger power bank 10000 mAh portable rugged shockproof dual USB solar charger power bank battery charger. The battery backup has the power of 10,000 mAh that keeps it ticking for days without recharging. It is best possible choice for outdoor purposes. When you are in camp or enjoying picnic, it is the ideal choice for such occasions. The lithium solar charger power bank battery has the long standing to go on for as many as 600 charges. The design is very good and of the best design among any solar charger power banks which makes it easily transportable on tours and journeys. You can hang it on the backpack and move with free hands. The little weight makes it hassle free to carry it anywhere. To keep the battery in good condition you are advised to give the first charge from electric source later you can get to solar charging. Note that weather conditions are surely to affect the performance as sun is natural source of power but you are sure to cause no pollution. The four level LED indicator makes it look great with the showing of the charging levels. It is confirmed that long working years and no botheration are the plus points hence making it one of the best solar charger power bank.

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4. Bienna 30000 mAh Solar Charger Power Bank, External Battery Pack Power USB Port Portable Charger LED Flash Light for Cell

Bienna 30000mahIt is a dependable solar charger power bank that are dust proof, shock resistant and long lasting with its tough built. The battery has the stamina of 30,000 mAh power to make it one of great solar charger power bank of the day. To switch the power button you press twice. The visibility of the device is good due to this emergency light that shows us the right location of the charger. Two devices can be attached to it for charging through its USB ports for charging through this solar charger power bank. The size is just equal to the iPhone that makes it perfect for handling and carrying anywhere. Hikers, climbers and travelers have liked the size and design of the product. The device can be safely hung from a bag or backpack. Beienna 30000 mAh solar charger power bank, external battery pack power bank, dual USB Port Portable. This solar charger power bank has the long charging capacity with its long term working stamina. We have asked many proud owners of the Beinna Solar Charger power bank and felt that they are all satisfied with the performance. When the charger becomes totally charge-less, it is advised to get the first charge from the electric point and later we can switch to its solar charging with this solar charger power bank. It can work with most the devices being used these days and this fact makes the product hot favorite. Beinna Solar charger power bank is a product causing no pollution and so it an environmentally  green product. All this features makes this one of the best solar charger power bank.

5. EasyAcc Classic 15000mAh Solar Charger Power Bank with Flashlight External Battery Portable Charger for iPhone Samsung Smartphones Tablets Bluetooth Speaker – Black and Orange

EasyAcc Classic 15000mAh Solar Panel Power Bank

It is a good product to get your mobiles, iPhones, laptop and speakers solar charger at a fairly good speed. via this solar charger power bank. Different sized ports give you options of charging all the devices with this solar charger charger. The solar panel of this solar charger power bank is built inside that makes it easily portable. The people who go for traveling often have liked the product for its ruggedness and strength. The wonderful solar charger power bank is available in many colors that are beautiful and elegant. This device is environment friendly and very good looking. The 15000 mAh battery has the solar power to charge an iPhone 6 times and Galaxy S6 4 times. The two USB ports allow it to give power to two devices simultaneously. The 1AMP power has the fast charging capability. EasyAcc Classic 15000mAh Solar Panel Power Bank with Flashlight External Battery Solar Charger is built very tough so that it can last long even in case of rough use. The second port has 2 amp charges that also save much time of charging. The best of features are combined in this set that makes your charging work easy and time saving. Versatile features make you wonder with its sturdiness that keeps the device working for many years. Simply sunlight is the power source for this solar charger power bank. Other appliances can be charged with this gadget. Outdoor charging is made easy with this easy to carry small sized power house. It is the best solar charger power bank to buy.

I hope you had a good time going through all these amazing solar charger power banks. If you face any difficulty in selecting the best suitable solar charger power bank for yourself or if you want some amazing deals on these solar charger power banks you can contact us by clicking here. Keep following for more tech updates. SHARE our article on social media among your friends.

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