How To Delete iPhoto Library?

Hello, everyone. Today in this guide I will explain. you how to delete iPhoto library through a very simple guide. This will definitely help you to free some space on your iPhone and you can use that extra space according to your need.

We highly recommend you to create a backup of your photos first before deleting them. 

You can create a backup on free online cloud services like Dropbox or you can even use iCloud to do the same. You can even store them in your Mac/Windows PC or some external hard drive.

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Now let’s begin with our guide on how to delete iPhoto library using your Mac


1. Firstly open a new Finder Window on your Mac and on the left side click on pictures. If you can’t locate Pictures just search it under Spotlight bar.
2. Now after following step one you will get to see two libraries, one is a old iPhoto library and the other one is your new photos library.
3. Now move your iPhoto library to your trash and delete it permanently.
4. Congratulations! Your just did it. Easy trick?

Now go and check the space available on your Mac. You will definately see some changes in your storage, you will definately have more availabe now. If you are on a shared Mac and have multiple user logins, everyone using the new version of Photos on that Mac should make sure they don’t also have duplicate libraries.
It’s still a million dollar question that why a big company like Apple doesn’t automatically delete the old version of iPhoto library while you are shifting photos. But yeah you have to do it manually.

I hope you had a great time going through our guide on how to delete iPhoto library. It was a really simple trick. I know having storage issues can be a trouble at times because of the limited storage. Regularly deleting old iPhoto library will definitely help you to have more extra space. Once I deleted my old iPhoto library and managed to get 45 gb of free space which is a huge amount.

I hope our guide was fruitful to you guys. If you have any query or you want any guide you can drop down a comment or contact us by clicking here. Keep following techchits for more amazing updates.