3 Reasons Why You Should Play Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle is a fun and classic block game, which is simple and addictive designed to train your mind. As you unlock each new level, the puzzle will increase in difficulty.

In this write-up, we will discuss the significant reasons why you should play the Block puzzle.

  • Developed Language Skill

Language skills can be developed through playing block puzzles. When playing, you keep on reading and communicating with each other. Sometimes when you play block puzzles, you read the outlined instructions before you play.

 Language skill is improved because, with each game you play, language is involved. Just like other gamers, you may be interested in learning about the assembled image, so you talk with parents and ask questions about things you see in the puzzle-like different types of animals and plants. This will help you develop speech and learn new words.

Block puzzles strengthen vocabularies such as shapes and color. They also help little gamers practice expressive language skills such as counting and receptive language skills like following simple directions.

  • Good Learning tool

Playing block puzzles is a good learning tool for gamers. Every little gamer is always excited to play because it’s their nature to explore more things. In addition, playing is vital for little gamers because as they play, they receive mental and physical development.

Before making a move when playing puzzle blocks, gamers tend to pause, thinking of the right place to place the blocks. This process allows you to build memory and analyze situations.

Block puzzles also help in problem-solving skills when sorting and putting the blocks together. Parents also associate themselves in learning while playing the puzzle blocks as they help the little gamers assemble the blocks and identify different patterns and colors.

For growing gamers, playing block puzzles teaches them self-confidence, patience, and self-control. Doing a puzzle takes time and effort, and when finished, there`s admiration and recognition for achieving the end product.

  • Mental Exercise

Playing block puzzles is considered a mind exercise since it exercises both the right and left sides. The left is in charge of objective, logical and methodical thinking, while the right is in charge of creativity, intuitive thinking, and emotions. Therefore, when you play a block puzzle, both sides communicate and work together, increasing problem solving skills.

An area known as the occipital lobe is also activated. This is where the mind connects different colors and shapes- exercising the mind using block puzzles helps prevent poor memory.

In addition to challenging you, it also helps your mind to relax. Your mind goes from Beta to Alpha when you`re assembling puzzles. The shift in consciousness brings about benefits such as the ability to make deeper connections, relieving stress, improving your mood, increasing your self-confidence, and lowering your blood pressure and heart rate.

As discussed above, playing block puzzles has many benefits to your health, improving memory and preventing future illnesses, and developing skills for study. So now that you know the benefits of puzzles, what are you waiting for to start playing block puzzles?

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