5 Actionable Tips for Your Business’s Enterprise SEO Strategy

The idea of using search engine optimization (SEO) to help improve brand visibility and exposure is a common marketing tactic utilized by all sorts of businesses in just about any industry. While SEO might have oversaturated the market in the early days of the Internet, it has evolved into one of the most effective ways to spread the word and push for success. That said, the idea of utilizing SEO tends to change as a business thrives and grows. For example, when the website starts to grow to the point where it has thousands of pages, the business landscape shifts, and the move for Enterprise SEO begins.

One of the key identifiers of the enterprise level of search engine optimization would be the scale of a website. Even if the business itself might not be very large — with employees that number in the double digits — a website that is optimized and contains a substantial number of pages would constitute the use of enterprise techniques. Here are just five actionable tips for businesses’ Enterprise SEO strategy.

It is not all about the first page of the search results

One of the primary functions of SEO would be to ensure that the business owner’s website is put at the top of the results page. Earning a spot on page one is the primary goal, and it is something that just about every business that utilizes SEO strives to accomplish.

However, on an enterprise level, it is not enough to make use of keywords that only target the front page. It is often a better idea to go for keywords that are also relevant to the second, or even third page of the search results. The primary website has reached a scale where it can reach out to multiple search results pages instead of just one.

Working toward a superior mobile app is mandatory for Enterprise SEO

Making the most out of a mobile app is not just something for companies with large scale processes to use, but can be extremely useful for startups that are still learning their way around a competitive business landscape. Surprisingly, the use of a successful mobile app is not something that all business owners use, which is a shame as the ongoing holiday season has plenty of online shoppers looking to purchase what they need for end of the year celebrations.

The larger the website, the more crucial it is to make use of a mobile app for online shoppers to visit. Most people are more comfortable with the mobile platform, which means they are more likely to appreciate a superior mobile app over a well-made website on a browser.

Boosting relevance with internal linking

The trouble with trying to keep things as optimized as possible on a large scale website is that it can be challenging to perform even the simplest tasks. Everything has to be accomplished on such a grand scale that it can be easy to neglect some of the simpler and more effective SEO strategies — including internal linking. It is a relatively easy thing to accomplish on much smaller sites, but it can be a big problem for those who do not have a proper internal linking strategy for a website with thousands of pages.

For those who have not yet taken advantage of internal linking for Enterprise SEO, it would be a good idea to get started. Ensure that all articles and blogs link to at least four or five relevant pages and that there are sidebars to help online visitors keep track of relevant topics. The sooner the business owner gets started, the easier it will be to control the links and traffic within the website.

Have your team regularly check for issues with links

There are few things more frustrating to an online visitor than to be immersed with a website’s content, only to be brought to a dead link when they click a seemingly relevant topic. Such a thing is not something that can be avoided, as many links have to change over time. The crucial part is to make the effort to ensure that the website is routinely checked for broken links.

While it can be challenging to comb through a large website for broken links, dedicating a team to getting the job done will make things easier overall. It might take some time, but dealing with broken links is all a part of overall optimization.

Consider the substantial benefits of outreach Enterprise SEO

Similar to the trouble with internal linking, SEO tactics that are quite effective for smaller websites end up getting neglected due to the scale of the website. In the case of outreach, the size of a site has reached the point where the site owner is confident that there no longer needs to be outreach tactics as more than enough people will likely find their way to the site.

While such a thing could very well be the case, it is poor business management to take no action on something that could very well push for further success in the marketplace. Outreach SEO tactics are relatively easy, such as more backlink profiles or word-of-mouth recommendations, and it would be a shame not to go for such things just because the site is large enough to be a big player in the industry. The hallmark of a successful business owner is that they are always competitive, and are always willing to make use of opportunities where they find them.

The idea of using Enterprise SEO is a natural part of business management once a user’s website has reached a specific scale. While it is generally a different set of techniques, it does not change the fact that previous SEO tactics can still be useful when utilized the right way. Some things end up being neglected, which could lead to problems down the line. The ideal solution would be for a business owner to be as proactive as possible when it comes to boosting brand recognition — no matter how large the site might become.

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