A Quick Overview Of Skip Tracing Tools From Microbilt!

Businesses often take numerous risks when it comes to lending. Sometimes, despite the best efforts to verify the identity and intentions of the debtors, things can go wrong. Simply put, skip tracing is the process of trying to “trace”, who doesn’t want to be found. So, how is skip tracing done? The idea is to collect all information about the individual and rely on data to find location and other details. Companies spend on skip tracing because they want to collect their money, or often for other reasons. Top developers like Microbilt have come up with skip tracing software and tools, which can help your company find an elusive person.

There are varied kinds of skip tracing tools, each one designed for a specific type of use. In this post, we are going to review some of Microbilt’s tools in short.

The need for skip tracing tools

Tracking someone down who doesn’t want to come forward for a payment or any other form of communication can be hard. Businesses can rely on Microbilt for its amazing suite of tools that are designed to make things simpler. Here’s an overview of some of their best products.

  • Super Phone. This is their incredible tool that comes in handy for locating details like business names, addresses, phone numbers and relevant details. Finding such information can be super useful in the truest sense to take things forward.
  • Enhanced People Search. The second tool from the company is called Enhanced People Search, which is designed to find a person, while also gathering details related to their contact and identity. Enhanced People Search is among the best Microbilt skip tracing tools for small businesses.
  • People Search. A more basic version of the previous tool is known as People Search, which offers a report structure to find details of a person, such as current address and previous address.

  • Address Search. Moving forward, they also have a high-end advanced tool called Address Search, which locates a person’s current and previous addresses, besides details like aliases.
  • Trace Detail. The last one on their list is called Trace Detail, which also finds the current address of a person, besides finding other people associated or close to him, such as people living with the person, neighbors and so on.

Benefits of skip tracing tools

There is no denying that skip tracing tools are handy for collections and to ensure that businesses have a fair investigation in certain cases. The good thing is Microbilt has built a suite of tools, each one with a specific purpose, so businesses can take a call on the kind of suite or product they need. The company also assists clients with skip tracing by customizing some of their solutions. You can refer to Microbilt to find more on each of these tools and how these can help you company.

With skip tracing tools, tracking debtors or those who have committed a fraudulent act and have been evasive doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming anymore.

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