Amazing Home Tech: Is a Home Security Robot in Your Future?

Technology geeks the world over have plenty of reason to be excited about the future of home security. It seems like every day companies like Google and Amazon are coming out with new home automation and security devices the rest of the industry is struggling to catch up to. Next up from Amazon is a home security robot that could be roaming around American homes before too long.

The robot is affectionately named ‘Astro’. It is a small piece of kit not much bigger than a typical toaster oven. Some have even said it’s cute. What does Astro do? It roams around your home and keeps an eye on things with an array of on-board sensors. Meanwhile, it can bring you information personally or feed it to you through mobile app.

Part of the Ring Family

Astro is part of the Ring family of security products. Vivint Smart Home, a home security and smart home provider whose equipment is compatible with some Ring products, says the company made a name for itself by introducing the world’s first video doorbell camera. In the years since, Ring has become a household name.

Ring is also owned by Amazon. So it should be no surprise that the Ring family of security devices is designed to work seamlessly with a full range of Amazon equipment, including their smart speakers and mesh routers.

As for Astro, it isjust the latest development in Amazon’s push to be America’s number one home security provider. Astro represents the next step in making homes both safer and more efficient.

It Learns as It Goes

Astro is definitely classified as a smart device for its remote operational capabilities and its ability to learn artificially. Its main purpose is to navigate your home and constantly check to make sure things are not out of place. Initially, it doesn’t do a whole lot for you. But as it learns, its capabilities grow exponentially.

The robot is Alexa-enabled. That means you can talk to it just like you would your smart speaker. You can teach it the names of various rooms in your house, then give instructions to check those rooms on command.

Astro is outfitted with video cameras and a variety of other sensors. By taking images of rooms and analyzing what they look like, the robot’s software can also determine when something is out of place. Leave the door open? Astro can identify it and send you a message to let you know.

Exciting and Creepy at the Same Time

From a purely technological standpoint, Astro’s capabilities are pretty exciting. Imagine having a robot that is constantly patrolling your home and reporting any suspicious information. It is like having your own full-time security guard who doesn’t need to eat, sleep, or chat with its friends on social media.

On the other hand, Astro doesn’t work in a vacuum. In order to maximize the benefits of 24/7 monitoring, Astro’s data is monitored remotely by Amazon’s Rapid Response team. This ostensibly makes you safer by having a remote monitoring team backing up Astro’s already impressive technologies. But it also invites unwanted strangers into your home virtually. That can make Astro a little bit creepy.

Astro is still new enough that no one is exactly sure how it will work out. But if things go as Amazon plans, more American homes could have security robots roaming the halls in the not-too-distant future. What do you think? Is a home security robot likely to be part of your home? The possibilities are intriguing if nothing else.

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