Best Tutorials and Guides for a Responsive Website Design

For businesses that used to focus primarily on their physical establishment to sell products and services, there wasn’t much of a need to optimize their website, as many business owners would make enough money through repeat physical visitors. However, things have taken a surprising turn with 2020, as the current pandemic sweeping that globe has forced many people to eschew going to physical establishments for the things they need. It is undoubtedly an unfortunate turn of events, but it has had a surprising effect on how businesses view general web design and development. Instead of focusing on many other parts of business management, many companies all over the globe are forced to make a move into the online space if they want to keep up with the times.

It creates an odd new opportunity — even for startup owners who do not have enough experience to fully take advantage of the situation fully — as it provides a foundation for many business owners to get started. There is no denying that the number of online shoppers in the holiday season is practically uncountable due to how many people are spending the holiday shopping spree indoors. While it might be bad news for those who might have made plenty of money in physical establishments; otherwise, it provides plenty of potential for e-commerce to thrive.

While web design and development might not necessarily have been in the minds of online shop owners before 2020, it is currently the most effective means of building a business. It creates not just an opportunity for the current year but a means of boosting popularity toward 2021. Here are just some of the best steps to use for responsive website design!

The ten-second rule of web design and development

No matter the primary function of a user’s website, most visitors will only have the smallest amount of attention to provide a site they have just entered. People have grown to be extremely efficient when it comes to which type of distraction best deserves their finite attention, which means a site only has as much as ten seconds to make an impression.

While it doesn’t seem like too much to work with, it provides the best possible clue when it comes to developing the ideal website. An understanding that the seller only has ten seconds to make a dent means that it will likely involve creating a useful header that can help pull as much attention as possible. For those who are yet to design a website, they can try their best to figure out how to explain their products and services within the first ten seconds. If the seller can somehow find a way to do such a thing effectively, they can expect many more visitors to keep searching and potentially purchase something along the way.

Do not get carried away

Considering that an online store’s website is the primary means of offering services (unless they are using a marketplace such as Amazon), it is only natural for the business owner to want to perfect web design and development as much time as possible. However, one of the weaknesses of too much inspiration is that it can cause a website to balloon and lose its original purpose.

Keep in mind that simplicity is the number one factor when it comes to attracting users to a website. Even the use of search engine optimization (SEO) experts would have them recommending that the seller not get so carried away when it comes to providing as much information as possible. The fewer widgets and potential distractions, the easier it will be for online shoppers to navigate, which means the quicker they can get what they want.

On the topic of load times

Another reason why a seller would not want to get carried away when designing their website is that it could slow down overall load times. The tricky part is that loading times are similarly affected by high-quality images, which is typically mandatory for building a quality site for perusal.

In such cases, striking a balance is crucial, as sellers would not want to bog down potential customers. Few things can annoy an online shopper more than a website that takes too long to load, especially if they happen to use a mobile platform. Even if the site might have had something they wanted, they could very well end up searching elsewhere for what they want if the load times are too long. Fortunately, there are techniques to help a website keep things in order by compressing quality images to lower file size without necessarily messing with the overall quality. It is a subtle means of improving a site that can have highly beneficial effects if the seller knows what to do.

Do not forget the mobile platform

For the most part, it would be wise for a seller to ensure that both the browser and the mobile platform mimic each other when it comes to accessibility and ease of use. However, not too many online sellers take the mobile platform into account when it comes to e-commerce, potentially causing problems down the line as many online shoppers use their phones to shop online. As a general rule of thumb, no matter the type of online store, the mobile platform should be the primary platform, with the browser following suit. It is not just something to help with the holiday season, but something to help open up opportunities in 2021.

Web design and development is not necessarily just about ensuring that the website is easy to navigate. The use of SEO to help attract online shoppers, to begin with, is a crucial part of the process, and the proper use of keywords can be a great start. Whether as a veteran business owner or a startup entrepreneur, the tips above are sure to help the seller forge ahead.

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