Everything A Hotel Can Do To Attract More Customers

In order to improve booking in the hotel, it is advised to create a widget that can help customers book the required rooms according to their availability. This can be possible with the help of a hotel booking engine.

Most travel bookings are done online rather than offline with the advent of technology. This is basically an application that will be there on hotel websites that can help people book direct online reservations.

The working of an online booking engine

An online booking engine will have to be synced with the hotel website and the company business profile along with the social media sites. This can help the guests in booking the hotel rooms without directly coming to the official page of the hotel.

This hotel booking engine will display the rates for the specific room along with their real-time availability depending on the dates on which the guests want to make that reservation.

This way of booking is very convenient as the travelers can research and book their holidays without going to all the hotels on their own. They can use the internet to book for the entire trip and sometimes all of this can be done using a single website.

Features to look at when looking at a hotel booking system

Whenever people are looking for a hotel they basically look for these below-mentioned features. So it is advisable to keep these things in the hotel booking engine for getting more traffic to the hotel and the website.

  • The hotel has to showcase the hotel’s features by using image galleries that have high-resolution pictures that elevate the hotel features.
  • The banner image is the first thing people notice when they are trying to book a hotel. So having an excellent banner image will make people book the hotel easily.
  • This booking engine will be integrated with the social media pages such that when the customer clicks on the book now button on the social media page, they will be redirected to the official website.
  • The booking engine should show the customers rooms that are according to the search criteria they used for booking. That will make them come back to the website as that will be hassle-free.
  • For attracting more customers, the hotels should show promotion codes on their booking engine according to the holidays and festivals that are around that specific time.

Benefits of having an online booking system

  • When the hotel booking engine is working well, it is possible to integrate throughout the channels and when a room is booked, it will be updated in the integrated channels driving other people to not book them.
  • This will help in collecting the information of the guests that are revisiting the website and the hotel. This can make the hotel admin process simple as they don’t have to manually accept the email invitations or phone requests for new bookings.
  • As the website will be user-friendly, people can book rooms that they want on the days they want to travel. The complete booking process will be simple, easy, and hassle-free making the customer come back again as it is easy and comfortable to book a room in that specific hotel.
  • If the hotel is partnered with paid advertising like Google Hotel Ads, the hotel’s rooms along with their prices will be displayed over google pages. As most people search for their room on google, it will be possible to get more people using this. Some advertisers will not take money unless the guest stays in the hotel.

Tasks accomplished by a Booking Engine.

The main advantage of having a hotel booking engine is to route the direct bookings through the hotels’ own website. But there are other accomplishments when a hotel has its own Booking engine.

  • They can manage their bookings
  • They can get reports on all activities
  • Promotions and deals that are for their customers alone
  • Payment options can be partnered with them.
  • It is easy to handle tax and its setup


In order for a hotel to handle the competition and stay in business for more time, it is recommended to allow guests to book the hotel rooms using their own website. Many guests like it when the payment is done using credit cards and that is possible here.

With the technology in the present age, the guests will be satisfied with the professionalism the hotels have if they allow the guest to select their room online.

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