How SaaS Companies Can Leverage SEO to Increase Their Search Rankings

Every business needs to grow in order to thrive. However, SaaS companies in particular are predicated on the fact that they are constantly growing and evolving. Software as a service is in of itself a ‘living software’ which means that it constantly needs to be updated and modified in order to satisfy the needs and wants of its users. As such, the ‘living software’ model needs to have a constant base of new and recurring users in order to sustain the core business, and a SaaS companies needs to have a dedicated team of developers in order to do this. However, even if the licensing of the software brings in revenue, SaaS companies still need to pay their developers well, which means that they need to branch out and find new ways for users to discover their products.

One of the best ways to do this is through search. While ecommerce companies traditionally try to leverage social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, SaaS companies usually have a better bet in following an SEO SaaS framework. What this does is it helps SaaS companies better optimize their website for search through a process called search engine optimization. Keep in mind though that search engine optimization starts with good keyword research, which is fundamental to the success of any SaaS company.

Search provides an extremely equitable way for SaaS companies to gain new users, as many times these users are not actually searching for software solutions. Instead, searchers who may be converted into users down the road are often looking for solutions to their problems. However, they may not realize or may not be thinking that software is actually the solution to these problems. Correctly optimizing your website toward the search queries that these people use can help you drastically increase the amount of high quality leads to your SaaS business.

However, before you do this, you need to understand what SEO actually is and what kind of users it will bring in. Users who may potentially adopt a SaaS solution tend to be tech-savvy, and they are usually if not always looking for solutions that can help them with business. Even creative suite SaaS software such as Adobe Photoshop and Canva have a business use case – and many of the users who adopt these SaaS solutions tend to want to be creative for business. As such, it is important to position your SaaS solution as one that can actually help other businesses.

This can be done through the use of comprehensive content. Creating content for SEO purposes can be difficult for SaaS businesses – but hiring the right writer helps a lot. Having a good understanding of how SEO can best be leveraged on your SaaS website can be helpful to. The good thing about SaaS businesses is they tend to have developers on the payroll, who can easily implement any technical SEO recommendations that are needed to boost the visibility of your SaaS website in the search engine results pages. As such, SaaS companies are well positioned to take advantage of the power of search engines as long as they are willing to invest in the long-haul and understand the inherent value of their SaaS website coming up for many different search terms on Google and other search engines.

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