Myths You Should Not Believe About SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the optimizing procedure of improving the quality and quantity of web traffic and contents of websites and web pages from search engines. Through good SEO, you can make your site visible to relevant searches.

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Some misconceptions prevent otherwise hardworking web designer and SEO experts to improve their quality and search traffic. This eventually affects their rankings.

Biggest myth

Some SEO agencies claim that they are affiliated with Google which is a scam because Google has a policy against disclosing their SEO partners. SEO agencies cannot guarantee top rankings on Google. It is just an exaggeration to attract clients.

Some other myths

  • Irrelevance of Keyword targeting – Even after Google Hummingbird, the keyword still plays a role in showing Google searches. Using keywords is still an SEO strategy meant to meet the user’s needs.
  • XML sitemap boosts your search rankings – Installing the XML sitemap might build a crawlable and updated site, but it does not affect your site ranking on search engines. It will help generate your fresh content faster on Google but that too is not guaranteed.
  • Meta tags are not useful – Meta tags are used to build a link between your website and another site within the <head> section. They can make your site more attractive and informative giving high-quality data.
  • Meta robots tag to specify Index pages – It is only used for private sites or o block web crawlers. Else, it is a waste of your time and energy.
  • Google will index your fresh content after exploring it – You will have to make your new content visible to search engines. Social profile update might help you come under the radar.

  • A hiring an SEO agency will instantly get your site to top ranking – SEO agencies can do a better job of creating a good SEO page for you with improved keyword analysis and auditing. But they cannot beat the system of search engines into making your site top ranking.
  • Guest blogging is no more – Guest blogging or normal content writing is not that farther different. Everything comes down to content and the type of article. If it is something the audience they are interested in, they will surely view it. Long content however does not guarantee a top-ranking site.
  • Paid search improves organic ranking – There is no established correlation between paid and organic ranking. Paid ads target more keywords and strengthen brand identity but not your site ranking.


These misconceptions along with many others make the SEO functioning even more inefficient. It is because, learning of those myths, individuals, as well as some experts, try to take shortcuts into making their site more attractive which backfires.

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