Reasons to Work and Live in San Jose California

San Jose boasts a flourishing economy in culturally diverse communities. As the third largest city in California, San Jose is strategically situated at the heart of Silicon Valley. With over 1.8 million in population, the city continues to thrive attracting college graduates and professionals moving in making it a good place to live and work.

Excellent Sunshiny Weather

Most residents moved to the city due to great job opportunities, but many are staying for the excellent weather. San Jose is blessed with a warm friendly weather having 300 days (about 10 months) of sunshine per year. Having a temperate Mediterranean warm climate, the city is considered to have the best weather all over the country. Warm and sunny weather is usually expected with milder wet winters.

Great Work Opportunities in the Tech Related Industries

San Jose is on top of technology revolution being the front and center of advanced technology industry. As the heart of Silicon Valley, the city is a desirable location for movers and shakers of innovations. With almost 7,000 tech companies and start-ups, San Jose gathers the world leaders in terms of computer and software companies.

Over the years, the demographic changes as young professionals are moving in the city with great hopes of landing jobs in one of the top corporations in the tech industry in the country. Some of the big-name companies such as PayPal, Verifone, Wester Digital, Cisco, eBay and Adobe are headquartered in San Jose.

San Jose also has a vibrant business community and for people wanting to do business in the city, they can count on San Jose Realtors for a successful and stress-free real estate transaction. These realtors have a good reputation in the industry and can recommend the best San Jose Commercial real estate for sale with strategic locations.

Accessible Public Transportation Systems

San Jose is no stranger to heavy traffic problem, but it is much better than the usual traffic shambles in Los Angeles. Good thing there are other options to traverse the city than driving your way to heavy traffic especially during rush hour. The city offers reliable transportation systems with good ride share services providing convenience while cutting down commuting time. Many residents take advantage of the affordable VTA Light Rail which quickly takes them throughout the city and around Silicon Valley. Another option is the Bay Area Rapid Transit System that connects the rest of the city with the surrounding areas which also provides routes to connecting cities such as Oakland and San Francisco.

Lots of Fun Outdoor Activities

With amazingly warm weather, you will never run out of fun outdoor activities that will delight both young and old. San Jose has a lot of outdoor recreation areas starting with the famous Alum Rock Park. This 740-acre park is teeming with natural wonders from abundance of wildlife to pristine natural scenery. Historical and high-tech museums are also available for the residents to enjoy such as the Children’s Discover Museum, Monterey Bay Aquarium, California’s Great America, Winchester Mystery House and the exciting Raging Waters theme park.

Nice Neighborhoods

San Jose in California features various types of neighborhoods that are suitable for families and career-oriented individuals. The small-town quintessential vibe of Willow Glen is an excellent family friendly neighborhood. Other notable residential neighborhoods are Los Gatos, Japantown and Campbell. However, for city slickers the downtown area offers an ideal shopping hub wherein you’ll experience the wonders of city life.

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