Smart Home Devices to Make 2021 Easier

Smart connected homes are the next step in the evolution of homes. Like lighting shifting from gas to electricity, many systems in the home are evolving with the advancement of technology.

The next stage for lights is smart wireless lighting that we can control from our mobile devices. In other words, smart technology has made it possible for us to no longer have to physically switch on/off the lights and do it from a smartphone or by voice command.

Still, lighting is just a small part of the capabilities of home automation. There are so many more aspects of home automation, such as comfort, convenience, efficiency, and security.

From being able to secure your home through wireless alarm and security systems to automate the heating and cooling of your home, the smart home is proliferating. It has introduced new ways of reducing energy consumption.

While we understand that some of you may find smart home technology overwhelming and complicated, it’s relatively user-friendly. Hence, we’ve decided to share some of the best smart home products of 2021.

Google Nest Wi-Fi Router

If you’re planning on transitioning your home into a smart one, a mesh Wi-Fi router will inevitably make this shift easier. This way, you can use your laptop, iPad, and smartphone in every corner of the house.

The Google Nest Wi-Fi router is designed to spread the Wi-Fi signals as evenly as possible throughout the home. No matter how inconvenient the layout is or how thick the walls are, this mesh Wi-Fi router comes with more than one ‘hub’ that can be placed around the house to eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones.

The Google Nest Wi-Fi will fit perfectly into your smart home for two primary reasons. Firstly, it works excellently as a ‘hub’ for connected devices, and secondly, it works as a smart speaker.

Moreover, the setup is effortless for the Google Nest Wi-Fi, and it runs pretty smoothly. You can manage all of its settings from Google’s Home app on your smartphone and even utilize the convenient parental controls.

You can purchase the Google Nest Wi-Fi router at FirstEnergy for $170.

Arlo Video Doorbell

Smart doorbells are as interesting as it gets. They have a camera, microphone, speaker, an internet connection, and a motion sensor. These features enable smart doorbells to detect visitors and alert you to any activity on your doorstep.

You’re able to both see and hear live video and chat with the person on your doorstep through your smartphone, or the camera will record their message for you; it’s similar to a voicemail.

These smart doorbells also act as a security camera that keeps an eye on people coming and going from your doorstep. If you’re not home and a package arrives, the video doorbell records the interaction if the package gets stolen.

The Arlo Video Doorbell is one of the best ones out there when it comes to smart doorbells. It offers many high-end features and can differentiate between animals, people, packages, and vehicles. And you get all of this for a reasonable price.

Moreover, you could choose to pair it with Arlo’s security cameras with a built-in siren that sets off through the app if something suspicious is spotted.

Nest Protect Smoke & CO Alarm

Smart smoke alarms are one of the most effective home automation devices. We understand that it’s not as exciting as other gadgets, but it’s an essential one and perhaps of the highest importance, simply because it can save your home.

A Wi-Fi-enabled smoke alarm alerts you to potential fires, and you will get these alerts even if you’re not home, meaning you can get help as soon as possible without having to rush home.

The Nest Protect Smart Smoke & CO Alarm is one of the best smart smoke alarms available on the market. It may be a little pricier than the others but has some praiseworthy alarm features.

You no longer have to worry about the smoke alarm as a nuisance as the Nest Protect Smoke & CO acts as a helpful assistant. In other words, you can get a smoke warning from a very calm voice, allowing you to shut any annoying alarms from your phone.

If there’s a real emergency, the Nest Smoke Alarm can communicate with other alarms through Wi-Fi and have them triggered simultaneously, waking everyone in the house.

Moreover, it also voice alerts you by informing you which part of the house is in danger; it lights your way with its red LED and sends an alarm to your phone.

In Summary

Smart home devices are fun and valuable in the long run. Those smart home devices mentioned above are, in our opinion, the best devices of 2021. Stay safe with smart home devices!

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