Interior designing can be of two types. Type 1 can be called the usual one, the one that can be found everywhere. Type 2 can be called the less usual one, the one that can be found somewhere but not everywhere. In this article, I intend to build and make aware the idea of a Type 3. Type 3 can be called the unusual one, the one that cannot be found anywhere but at your home if you like the idea.

To be unique is something we all strive for. We all want to be different and better from our peers. We want to strategize better, give better ideas, excel at our work and win the world. Some of us like thing to be planned while the others like things to be spontaneous. But, there aren’t a lot of people that want things to be both, planned and spontaneous.

Type 3 idea of interior designing somewhat promotes the mood of going both planned and spontaneity at the same time. This kind of design can be incorporated in any kind of room, any kind of theme and any kind of office. Thus, it is ultimate.


Success takes time and a lot of hard work to be achieved. It is always a step by step process unless you have been spoon-fed. You start from a minimal salary that barely fulfils your basic needs and end at a good salary package that buys you and your family a big house and a luxurious car. But that whole journey takes time.

When you are out in a different city, just starting to make your career, you live all by your own. You live in a 1 BHK apartment the rent of which is too high. Only you can tell the kind of pressure that you face in those initial years of your making.

So, imagine, you start in the morning, go to the university and then to your part-time shift. You get free late, and come back home at night. You have a lot of projects to do as the submission date is due. You enter your apartment and see that it’s all shattered. You don’t have enough space to work in, to eat on or to sleep in.


So, here is the idea. What if your one living room or bedroom, whatever you call it, could also be your work place and dining place? Yes, that’s right. The right furniture in one room can give you the amount of comfort that even a 1000 rooms can’t. All it takes is for you to be planned when thinking about it and spontaneous when going to purchase it.

The conversion goes this way: you empty your room up. Throw away everything or maybe, put it on sell. Then you get yourself a Motorized standing desk and an ergonomic chair with a headrest. You place them in your room accordingly and keeping the bed or not, is totally upon you.


Well, why not? A motorized standing desk is usually height adjustable and space flexible. You can use it as the table where you can work, eat and sleep. All you need extra is a mattress to place above the desk when you sleep. An ergonomic office chair can be super cozy and extremely motivating at the same time especially when it is an ergonomic chair with headrest. You can rest on it, take a nap maybe. You can sit on it and work on your desk, whatever suits you.

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