Using an AI-Based Website to Improve Conversions

When people were in your store or practice, your primary goal was to sell them products or services. Your secondary goal was to delight your customers, so they would return again and again and tell their friends about their great experience.

In the digital age, we need to do the exact same thing: Convert customers and make them happy. The only complication: We now need to do the whole thing online.

What’s the best way to do that? With AI.

How Does AI Help?

AI helps you create relevant, unified and valuable experiences, effortlessly connecting each visitor to the content they need with intelligent search and recommendations.

Imagine providing a unique experience for every visitor – automatically. This is what an AI-powered website can do for you. It makes sure your site search is as intuitive for customers as possible.

It also simplifies content personalization by letting AI optimize every step of the journey, tailoring content to each individual with:

  • Data-driven content and product discovery
  • Affinity predictions based on user history, interests and affiliations
  • Context- and behavior-based recommendations

AI enables you to unify interaction data across touchpoints to provide relevant experiences and keep visitors engaged wherever they interact with your business:

  • Websites, online stores, and apps
  • Support and community sites
  • Training and documentation sites

Consumers expect every digital experience to be relevant to them every step of the way, unified across every channel of engagement. Meeting their expectations will help them engage, learn, and convert.

AI-Powered Website Search Services

Implementing AI-powered website search services enables you to provide personalized and relevant interactions at every step of the customer journey, from marketing sites to support agents.

When you have a machine learning model, you can discover which customer interactions and behaviors are associated with the most valuable customers and then serve up the best messages to the right customers. AI allows you to improve your results because, each time a user goes through the buyer’s journey, your system learns what works (and what doesn’t).

Collecting Data

Running reports to see what people searched for that didn’t deliver results will enable you to come up with ways to modify search pages to make sure people get what they’re looking for.

Using machine learning allows you to understand user context and intent so that you can recommend the product the user needs.

Drilling down into channel reachability, seeing how many actions users have completed, running advanced reports, and getting a comprehensive view of journey performance in real-time is what enables AI to help ensure a healthy buyer’s journey.

Achieving Conversions with AI-Powered Digital Experiences

Imagine providing a unique experience for every visitor – automatically. Tap into unified visitor data, search, and AI to deliver higher converting and relevant experiences across the web.

Effortlessly connecting visitors to the content they need with intelligent search and recommendations will help them engage, learn, and convert.

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