5 Best Websites for Teaching Yourself Web Design

Web design seems easy, but it’s not. Even those who consider themselves artistic won’t necessarily do well in designing a website. It’s due to the nature of web design. Sure, the artistic appeal of the page matters, but it’s not everything. Apart from having a creative page, it should also be responsive and easy to navigate. These elements are crucial in making sure that people will check the page and stay there to look for information. The point is that there needs to be a balance between aesthetics and functionality in designing a website. The good thing is that some websites can teach the steps to design a page. Anyone can create a website after learning the steps involved. If not, a Minneapolis web design company will always be an excellent choice for building the website. 


This resource is among the best options available. It’s also for free. Every topic one needs to know regarding web development and design are on this site. From HTML or CSS, the page has it all. Web responsiveness is also among the topics covered by the site. The best part is that some projects and exercises could test one’s knowledge of web design. This site is perfect for beginners who want to know everything there is about web design. The way the courses flow is easy to understand and are logical. Hence, even those who have no idea about how web design works can learn the process quickly. Upon completion of courses, certificates are available. They’re proof that someone finished the entire course. Perhaps, the only downside is that the site usually experiences technical glitches. If improved, this free resource is flawless. 


This site is a place for learning a wide variety of courses across almost all fields of interest. Most of these courses are paid, and there are a handful of free courses available. The good thing is that these courses have huge discounts. Compared with other sites that offer detailed courses, Udemy is a more practical option. Given the options, learning the most appropriate course wouldn’t be an issue. There are courses for beginners and advanced learners. This website also has a reputation of only including courses from excellent authors and experts. Their courses also get reviewed before opening to potential learners. 


This site is popular for offering courses for free. It’s like Udemy, but most courses don’t require payments. The only ones that might require learners to pay are the graded courses. There’s also an electronic certificate available upon completion of the course. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to learn any course quickly. Online learning can be fun and easy. Despite being a tough field to understand, web design gets simplified because of sites like Coursera. Since it’s part of the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) program, Coursera may have courses from top universities, including Yale and Stanford. Since it remains a popular learning platform, Coursera is definitely a legit source of web design knowledge.


For coding websites, the best information comes from Codeacademy. It’s one of the largest learning resources available, with free and paid versions. Over 45 million people already learned using this platform. Free courses are available, and so are paid versions. It depends on the preferred topics and their depth. HTML, CSS, and Java are among the main courses available. The pro version allows access to almost all topics related to web design and development. It’s better to have the paid version since the free options have restrictions. 

Traversy Media 

This option is a perfect alternative for courses that are quite complex and difficult to understand. It’s a YouTube channel that covers all possible courses. They’re easy to understand as there are various levels available too. The host of this page is awesome and makes it as easy as possible to understand the courses. However, some people only see this page as a supplement to other detailed courses available. The good thing is that for those who learn better with a teacher figure in the room instead of simply following instructions, this choice is amazing. 

It’s a process 

Learning web design is never easy. Despite the presence of these websites that teach web design, it could still be a huge challenge. It’s not a competition, though. Some people who already have a background in web development might learn the process faster than the others. There might also be several stumbling blocks along the way that might discourage one from pursuing the courses. However, with patience and determination, moving forward towards course completion is possible. For those who hurry in creating a web design, the help of a Minneapolis Web Design Company is the best way forward. They know what to do and will work with anyone who wants to see an improved website. 

It’s also interesting to see different options available for learners with different skills. Some may maximize websites offering advanced courses, while others have to start from scratch. 

Free versions are available for those who only want to know the basics or to try how the process works. Things can move up later after understanding the primary elements of web design. Learning across different platforms is also an excellent idea. Perhaps, one website couldn’t offer what the other has to offer, and vice versa. Besides, web design is an evolving field. Again, it’s not only about aesthetic appeal. Web design is also about functionality and ease of navigation. Some business owners even use web design for SEO purposes. A well-designed webpage could help boost the company’s online presence. Learning from different platforms will help boost knowledge about web design and know about the latest in the field. 

Again, a web design company is always available. They can work professionally and help businesses build a quality website. For those who couldn’t wait long enough to start using the website, these services would be great. These experts understand the details of web design and the necessary elements to excel.

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